About Us


Who is The Happy Scrapper?

Hi! Very nice to meet you! My name is Damien, and I love gold! lol.

No really though, I love to share and learn, I love to invent things and find ways to make precious metal recovery/refining easier for the average person.

My Story

I grew up in Oshawa, Ontario. To sum it up real fast, I lived the rugged street life in the city, moved out on my own at just 14 years old. Life went on and I became a man, depressed and unhappy. My mother lived in British Columbia, and offered me a clean slate.

I packed my bags and left Ontario. I left everything but two suitcases, and literally started life over in British Columbia. Now because of that single decision, I live in a beautiful valley in the pocket desert of Canada, I have an unofficial wife and beautiful daughter of three years old. I have an amazing job at our local golf course on the grounds crew. I love life and I now know true happiness.

Then I discovered electronics recycling... and The Happy Scrapper was born! Now, an entity of it's own, The Happy Scrapper has grown to levels I myself had not imagined. I'm going with the flow at this point, and I am open to any and all suggestions! Please join the site and lets chat! Respect.

Next Steps...

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